Žatec is a small town with history, which by far exceeds its current size. The first written reference dates back to year 1004 A.D. and it is considered as the oldest town in Bohemia.

The town faced many historical events and tragedies, which determined its size and importance. During 14th century Žatec was the third largest town in The Czech kingdoms. The importance of the town also raised with increasing demand for beer brewing hop harvesting during 19th century. Nowadays Žatec is considered as a cradle of beer. The fields of hop surround the town from all direction and define typical landscape. Nowhere else in the world is the hop produced in a such quality as in the region of Žatec. For its unique properties the hop is exported to the whole world. The processing and harvesting of the hop shaped the architecture of the town as well. The unique system of old storage buildings enabled Žatec to be a strong candidate for UNESCO. The culture of beer and hop harvesting is resembled in Hop and beer temple. The part of this uniqie project is for example the largest hop museum in the world, hop astronomical clocks, beer light house or local brewery. Not only beer makes this town special. Well preserved historical center has attracted many movie makers from all over the world. Thanks to large Jewish community, one of the largest synagogue can be found in one of the old-town streets. Baroque old-town buildings with typical decoration shape the main square. The beauty is underlined by renaissance town hall standing proudly just in the middle in the middle of the square.

Places to visit:

  • Hop and beer temple
  • Municipal and Town Hall tower
  • The Holy Trinity Column
  • The oldest beer drinker´s Grave 
  • Sladovna
  • The Libočanská gate
  • Church of the Assumption
  • The Florian column
  • The Jewish Synagogue
  • The old post office

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